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lauantai 19. heinäkuuta 2008

Mitä Atkins-ryhmä söi?

Internetissä porukka ihmettelee mitä em. dieettitutkimuksen Atkins-ryhmäläiset söivät, sillä eräissä tiedotusvälineissä on höpisty kasvipainoitteisesta Atkins-dieetistä. Tässä vastaus suoraan pääkallopaikalta:

This is kind of funny that some could think of a "vegetarian low-carb"
diet. Is it a new suggested strategy? Could be interesting idea but this
wasn't the case here. Our low-carb diet was based on Atkins, the
participants read the book and the recipes were more or less comparable
to what you know in the states. Beef is the main red meat. What could be
different? People here would not mix in the same meal meat and butter, a
salad is considered a very rich one and not a lettuce based, and the
main dressing is olive oil. As for beverages, same industry that makes
money everywhere.

For example, a plate could include: fish or fried/not bread coated
chicken/or red meet, broccoli and mushrooms coated with eggs, roasted
eggplants, vegetable salad (peppers, cucumber, green leaves, not
lettuce) with olive oil dressing. I understand that some of the
low-fat people find it hard to believe that such a low-carb diet was
tremendously favorable within 2 years in a well designed study, but
these are the facts and the science of tomorrow, with the next long term
studies in the pipeline, may confirm or not these findings.

Best regards, Iris

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