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torstai 10. heinäkuuta 2008

Voimailu ja alakarppaus

Jenkktutkijat selvittivät vastikään alakarppaamisen yhdistämistä voimailuun. Tutkimusta ei ole vielä julkaistu, mutta Jeff Volek lähetti minulle juuri tutkimustiivistelmän.

Effects of diets restricted in fat and carbohydrate with and without resistance training on body composition and cardiovascular risk

Kevin D. Ballard, Erin E. Quann, Michael J. Puglisi, Cassandra E. Forsythe, Brittanie M. Volk, Cherise C. Labonte, Maria-Luz L. Fernandez, William J. Kraemer, Timothy P. Scheett, Jeff S. Volek.

PURPOSE: We examined the effects of low-carbohydrate and low-fat diets alone and in combination with resistance training on body composition and cardiovascular risk.

METHODS: Forty-seven overweight (BMI 31.26±3.78) men (age 33.7±1.5y) were assigned to a low-fat diet (LFD) (25% of energy) or a carbohydrate restricted diet (CRD) (15% of energy). Two additional groups performed a whole-body, nonlinear periodized resistance training (RT) program 3 d/wk while consuming either the LFD or the CRD diet. Body composition (via DXA), fasting blood lipids and exercise performance were determined before and after the 12-wk intervention.

RESULTS: Reductions in body mass, fat mass, percent body fat and abdominal fat were greater in the CRD than the LFD (p<0.001). The addition of RT to the CRD resulted in greater improvements in percent body fat than diet alone (-4.8 vs. -5.5% for CRD and CRD-RT, respectively). Gains in lean body mass were demonstrated in the training groups only (p=0.004). CRD resulted in greater reductions in plasma triglycerides (TG) (p=0.023) and TG/HDL-C ratio (p=0.035), while increasing LDL peak particle size (p<0.001). Maximum bench press and back squat strength were greater (p≤0.002) in the RT groups, with no diet effect detected.

CONCLUSION: Resistance exercise is an effective strategy to combat diet-induced losses of lean body mass. The combination of CRD and RT resulted in the greatest improvements in body composition and cardiovascular health.

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